Flexible child care, in the heart of Canada Bay


Casual, professional child care for children 6 weeks to 6 years of age, Monday to Friday.

MODERN Facilities

Both our relaxed indoor and outdoor learning environments are nature inspired and eco-friendly, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Fully Qualified

Our Educators are highly qualified , experienced and committed to making your child’s time with us a happy experience.


We are guided by The National Quality Framework and The Early Years Learning Framework and the importance of communication, social and emotional development.


Established in 1981, we are a licensed, incorporated, not for profit service providing quality Early Childhood Education and Care to our local community and surrounds

Affordable Care

You only pay for the time your children are with us.

Welcome to Concord Occasional Child Care

Our service provides high quality, flexible Early Childhood Education and Care. Established in 1981 we continue to support the need for Occasional Care within the local community.

We are unique in our inclusive care setting where our children are not divided into age groups or separate rooms. The result is a learning environment where all children are connected, included and supported.

At Concord Occasional Care we recognise the importance of family, and their involvement with our service. We value these partnerships and through our inclusive program we maintain this connection.

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Families require child care for many different reasons

  • respite for grandparents and full time carers
  • support for new families
  • parents working or studying
  • families of children with challenging behaviour
  • children at risk of harm
  • emergency care
  • learning and social play experiences
  • children with additional needs and support

We offer a creative early childhood program carefully designed to reflect the individual needs and interests of each child.

Our experienced staff are guided by the National Early Years Framework (ELYF) as a foundation for ensuring that children in our learning environment experience quality teaching and learning. The framework specifically emphasises play-based learning and recognises the importance of communication, language, social and emotional development.

Our indoor/outdoor learning environments are nature inspired and ecofriendly providing an atmosphere that encourages discovery, play and exploration

We are a community based not for profit organisation

The Centre is an incorporated, community-based occasional care licensed and partly subsidised by the State Government.

Incorporated associations are not for profit organisations. This means that any profits made must be used to further the objectives of the association, not to provide a personal gain of its members. Incorporation establishes Concord Occasional Childcare as a legal entity.

As an incorporated body, the centre is required to hold an Annual General Meeting. At this meeting, a management committee, elected from members must be formed. The Centre does not comply with licensing contracts, fair trading agreements or regulations if a management committee is not elected. A member of each family must attend the meeting.

The Centre is also a registered charity and relies on fundraising and generous donations from out community groups and local chamber of commerce.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages are the children that attend the centre?

Concord Occasional Care provides care for children aged 6 weeks and up to 6 years.

What hours do you operate?

We operate 8.30am – 4.00pm, Monday to Friday.

How does occasional care work?

Occasional care allows you flexibility to book casual or regular bookings. You can use the service as often or as little as you like.

Is food provided?

No food is not provided. You need to ensure that your child brings morning tea, a healthy lunch and fruit for afternoon tea.

Does my child need a drink?

Yes, please ensure your child brings his/her own drinking bottle filled with water.

How many children are at the centre each day?

Concord Occasional Care provides care for up to 25 children each day, with 6 places available for children under 2 years of age

Are staff that work at Concord Occasional Child Care qualified?

All staff hold qualifications in Early Childhood Education and Care and First Aid